Target Companies

CASEIF makes investments in companies and sectors with high growth potential. Investments must be made in privately owned companies that are profitable, have effective management teams and have developed sustainable competitive advantages. The companies must be formally constituted as corporations and must comply with the corporate, tax, labor and environmental legislation of their country. Companies must be willing to accept the investment of CASEIF as a new partner and to admit a LIM official on behalf of CASEIF as a member on its Board of Directors. Eligible sectors are diverse, including value added agroindustry (food / beverage), manufacturing, energy, tourism, services, logistics, technology, housing, non-traditional exports, etc. It excludes some sectors such as the financial sector, arms manufacturing, tobacco production, alcoholic beverages, speculative real estate, gambling, and others.


Investment tools include capital and quasi-equity financial instruments, such as common stock, preferred stock, debt convertible into shares and subordinated debt. These instruments may be combined with current loans, certificates of purchase of shares, options or any other that the company and LIM deem convenient. The structure of the different investment instruments and the investment contract will vary in each case based on the specific characteristics of each company.

Investment Process:

The CASEIF fund ended its investment period in 2005 and no longer makes any investments. CASEIF is already liquidated and close operations.

Strategic Partner:

CASEIF is a Strategic Partner of the company in which it invests. CASEIF, through LIM's professional team, participates as an active partner with the aim of supporting the company in its growth stage. The participation of a LIM officer in the Boards of Directors provides experience and knowledge related to strategic management and assistance is provided to obtain professional and technical advice in the critical areas of the business. In addition, CASEIF uses its international contacts and partners to transfer knowledge and best practices of each industry in which it invests.

Development Impact:

Investments in responsible and profitable private companies help to reduce poverty and have a major impact on the development of emerging countries through job creation and boosting economic growth. CASEIF is committed to the development impact in different aspects:

Job creation, which provides knowledge, training, self-respect, poverty reduction of families, ability to access food, health services, education and basic services

Contribution to government revenues, through taxes paid by profitable companies, which are invested in education, public health or basic infrastructure

Development of the private sector, because the development of successful companies allows the strengthening of the local market, the transfer of technology, the construction of infrastructure, the increase of product quality, the increase of competition, and the development of financial markets .


  • Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
  • Norwegian Investment Fund for Developing Countries (NORFUND)
  • Nordic Development Fund (NDF)

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