Main Goal

CASEIF Corporation II is a private equity fund that aims to promote the development and reduction of poverty in the developing countries that make up its target region by investing capital in profitable companies in the private sector.

CASEIF II promotes the growth of profitable companies that generate employment, produce economic growth in their areas of influence, promote positive social impact, generate tax revenues for their countries and form the basis for greater growth and investment that nourishes development again.

CASEIF II is a US $ 35 million private equity fund that provides medium and long-term financial resources to companies facing an accelerated expansion scenario: growth in their markets, expansion into new markets, launch of new products.

CASEIF II injects capital so that companies face growth by making precise investments in assets that generate long-term value: production facilities and equipment, logistics facilities, distribution units, marketing plan, international expansion, research and development, etc. As a complement to the investment, a part of CASEIF II´s funding can be used in working capital.

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