To become eligible, SMEs must comply with the following parameters: SMEs of medium-range must have less than 300 employees and annual sales or total assets of less than US$15 million. SMEs in a higher-range must have between 300 and 500 employees and annual sales or total assets greater than US$15 million but less than US$25 million

  • Investment Range

Investments will be made ranging from US$2.0 million to US$3.0 million in the SME medium-range. Potential high-return investments in the SME higher-range could range between US$3.0 and US$7.5 million.

  • Term of Investment

Term of the investments vary between companies based on their needs and capacity to raise funds. LIM will hold the investments in CASEIF III between 4 and 7 years. The investments could be divided in phases, only if the company’s expansion plan continues as planned.

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