Value Added

CASEIF III will participate as an active investor in the development and strengthening of companies, with the aim to support them in their growing stage. The fund will also provide assistance to obtain professional and technical advice in critical areas of a company.

Besides, LAFISE Invesment Management, as part of the LAFISE group, and CASEIF III will use their network and international partners to transfer knowledge, implement best corporative practices, access to new sources of financing, and expand new markets in each industry where the fund will invest. Therefore, CASEIF III’s contribution is more than a capital contribution to the eligible companies, CASEIF III is a strategic investor that will support the growth and promote the success of the companies.

Value Added:

  • Participation in the Board of Directors
  • Help searching for new clients and new markets, strategic alliance, etc.
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Access to other international financing sources approaching the end of the investment.
  • Professional consulting in every functional area. Certification of monthly financial statements and consulting in accounting area.
  • Support with providers, regulators and governmental organisms
  • Support with certifications, quality programs: ISO, HACCP, EUREGAP, PMI, CMMI.
  • Access to Lafise Group’s services and products.
  • Technical assistance funds non-reimbursable for external consulting, market research, and staff capacitation.
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