Target Companies

CASEIF II makes investments in companies and sectors with high growth potential.

Investments must be made in privately owned companies that are profitable, have effective management teams and have developed sustainable competitive advantages.

The companies must be formally constituted as corporations and must comply with the corporate, tax, labor and environmental legislation of their country.

Companies must be willing to accept the investment of CASEIF II as a new partner and to admit a LIM official on behalf of CASEIF II as a member on its Board of Directors.

Eligible sectors are diverse, including value added agroindustry (food / beverage), manufacturing, energy, tourism, services, logistics, technology, housing, non-traditional exports, etc. It excludes some sectors such as the financial sector, arms manufacturing, tobacco production, alcoholic beverages, speculative real estate, gambling, and others.

Exceptionally, investments in start ups can be evaluated.

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